Welcome to St Barnabas Church where I’ve been the vicar since July 2009 (the 9th one since we opened for business in 1898!).

We are a pretty local congregation - most people walk to church - and with our mix of older folk and younger families, we are delighted to comprise something of old and new Battersea in our congregation.

My favourite definition of the church is this: it’s what happens when people gather together under the impact of Jesus Christ. I love the fact that Jesus has an impact on a whole bunch of different people - some like me but many not. And as we worship together week by week, it fascinates me to be in a room with about 90-100 adults, children and young people, who wouldn’t otherwise be together, and might not even know each other, without the impact of Jesus drawing us together.

There are plenty of ways you can participate in the life of St Barnabas with us and to discover the impact that Jesus still has on us today. Over the last ten years, we have summarised who we are as Church for all - including you. I hope that any welcome I extend to you here would be demonstrated and repeated in person on a Sunday when you can see what we are like for yourself.